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"I'm currently using Z.BulkOperations on over 250 computers. Users are happy for the performance and stability it guarantees
I started using the library in 2014 and one thing did surprise me, and it was the speed of operations, that is by the way what I like the most about Z.BulkOperations, and the fact that I've always gotten super-fast support for all my inquiries and doubts.
I'm very pleased, in fact, support has been very fast and great.
I'd definitely recommend it, as it is a great product with a great performance and reliability."

Klemens Stelzmuller
BeKa Software
"We were very, very pleased with the customer support. There was no question, problem or wish, that was not answered AND solved within days! We think that's very unique!
We started to use the EntityFramework Extensions in april 2015. It was quite easy to include them into our software. The first surprise was that our entity model could not be loaded successfully, the second surprise was the very, very quick and helpful support you gave! It was easy to solve all our questions, problems and wishes within days!
Your product is useful whenever a user clicks a "save button" in our application. The EntityFramework Extensions helped us to speed up save operations dramatically!
Every software that uses the EntityFramework and that suffers from long save operations can be speed up with the EntityFramework Extensions. It's quite easy to include them and the support from ZZZ projects is just outstanding!"

Jason Schmidth
Empyrean Benefit Solutions
"I was happy with how closely it did what I needed
Your product handles database scenarios that I've found other libraries shy away from"

Kasper Ibsen Hansen
"I have been working with .Net and C# the last 8 years and EF a little shorter. When I saw you product description I was very unsure that this could be real. Therefore I downloaded your dll and made some simple benchmark tests and was very surprised about the result. Minimal effort for big impact. Of course I ran into some minor problems, but your tech support were extremely fast helping me and pointing me in the right direction.
I am very pleased with your customer support. You were very quick to help me and also to produce a new dll fixing the issue."

Juan Jose Herrera
"The first thing suprising me was the performance of the Api"

Piotr Sybilski
Centrum Astronomiczne
"It is simple, works out of the box and gives good results quickly, when there is not much time for sophisticate database and code optimizations"

Jason Tower
Residential - Comercial - Mortage Lending
"The surprising thing was how easy it was to use, by simply replacing SaveChanges with BulkSaveChanges, it worked.
I use your product every day to save thousands of records to our database in seconds.
You answered my questions and provided hot fixes in a very timely, professional manner.
I would definitely recommend your product. If you want a fast and reliable way to save many changes to a database, your product is the only way to go."

Jerremy Koot
"The first time we used your product (EntityFramework Extensions) was on our last project. It inserted/updated 10.000 records in speeds that kept the client very happy. And that without any configuration.
We have a few projects that require large data modifications. While only one project currently uses it, we will start using it in more projects.
Customer service was very good, we found a bug which was solved within a few hours.
I've already recommended it to a few other developers. It's the easiest way to use Bulk Methods."