Entity Framework Extensions – Licensing


Every month, a new monthly trial of the PRO Version is available to let you evaluate all its features without limitations.

Learn more about the PRO Version

The monthly trial allows you to evaluate the library for several months before making a purchase.

Setup License from config file

The license name and key can be directly be added in the app.config or web.config file in the appSettings section.

<add key="Z_EntityFramework_Extensions_LicenseName" value="[licenseName]"/>
<add key="Z_EntityFramework_Extensions_LicenseKey" value="[licenseKey]"/>

Setup License from code

Upon purchase completion, an email will be sent with your license key information.

string licenseName = //PRO license name
string licenseKey = //PRO license key
Z.EntityFramework.Extensions.LicenseManager.AddLicense("[LicenseName]", "[LicenseKey]");


  • Use the config file to store your license name and license key.
  • Web App: Use Application_Start in global.asax to activate your license.
  • WinForm App: Use the main thread method to activate your license.
  • Win Service: Use the OnStart method to activate your license

The AddLicense must always be set before the first call to the library. Otherwise, the monthly trial will start.

How can I check if my license is valid?

The validate method allow you to know whether your license is valid or not.

// CHECK for default provider (SQL Server)
throw new Exception("Invalid License!");
// CHECK for a specific provider
if (!Z.EntityFramework.Extensions.LicenseManager.ValidateLicense(ProviderType.MySql))
throw new Exception("Invalid License!");

Another way to check if your license is valid is simply adding an invalid license instead.

The following error should be raised:

ERROR_001: The provided license key is invalid or trial period is expired. Please buy a product license or go to http://www.zzzprojects.com and download the latest trial version. License Count: 1