One monthly coffee to improve the
.NET Community!

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Contribution are not required but is greatly appreciated and help us to continue to support you!


Why should I contribute to free & open source library?

We all love free and open source libraries!

But there is a catch! Nothing is free in this world.

In the end, someone needs to pay for time spent on:

  • Bug Fix
  • Content Writing
  • Development
  • Support (GitHub, Mail, Stack Overflow)

If that’s free on your side, that’s not near to have been the case on our side. In 2017 alone, we have spent over 3000 hours in maintaining our open source libraries.

We cannot longer do it alone. We NEED your help.

What if I’m not rich, and I can only contribute a tiny amount.

Any amount is much appreciated.

All our libraries together have more than 10 millions downloads, if everyone could contribute a tiny amount, it would help us to make the .NET community a better place to code!

Where my contribution will go?

100% of contribution go toward to support & development from our open source community.

  • Better Articles
  • Faster Support
  • New Major Releases

Can I get an invoice for significant contribution?

Sure, you can reach us here: