Free VS Pro

Every month, a new monthly trial of the PRO Version is available to let you evaluate all its features without limitations.

Features FREE Version PRO Version
Maximum Characters 50 Unlimited
Commercial License No Yes
Royalty-Free No Yes
Support & Upgrades (1 year) No Yes

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Setup License

Upon purchase completion, an email will be sent with your license key information.

// using Z.Expressions; // Don't forget to include this.

string licenseName = //... PRO license name
string licenseKey = //... PRO license key

EvalManager.AddLicense(licenseName, licenseKey);


  • Use the config file to store your license name and license key.
  • Web App: Use Application_Start in global.asax to activate your license.
  • WinForm App: Use the main thread method to activate your license.
  • Win Service: Use the OnStart method to activate your license

The AddLicense must always be set before the first call to the library. Otherwise, the monthly trial will start.