Entity Framework Deferred Query Library


Entity Framework Deferred Query library allow you to defer immediate query execution from a LINQ method, like First or Count, to allow others third party libraries to use their features like caching.

Why using Deferred Query with Entity Framework?

Common scenario:

  • Allow other third party libraries to use LINQ immediate method

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// using Z.EntityFramework.Plus; // Don't forget to include this.
var ctx = new EntitiesContext();
// The count is deferred and cached.
var count = ctx.Customers.DeferredCount().FromCache();

Supported Library

Library Type EF Version Support Doc Features
Z.EntityFramework.Plus FREE EF5
EF Core
< 1 Day Yes
  • Audit
  • Batch Delete
  • Batch Update
  • Cache
  • Deferred Query
  • Filter
  • Future
  • Include Filter
  • Include Optimized