Entity Framework Extensions – Audit

Audit Options


Allow you to output inserted/deleted data from the database.

This feature does not use the ChangeTracker. It takes value directly from the database.

  • Default Value: False


List<AuditEntry> auditEntries = new List<AuditEntry>();
using (var ctx = new EntitiesContext())
ctx.BulkSaveChanges(list, operation =>
operation.UseAudit = true;
operation.BulkOperationExecuted = bulkOperation => auditEntries.AddRange(bulkOperation.AuditEntries);
foreach (var entry in auditEntries)
foreach (var value in entry.Values)
var oldValue = value.OldValue;
var newValue = value.NewValue;

WARNING: Enabling this feature will slow down considerably the performance of Bulk Operations