OpenZipFile(FileInfo, ZipArchiveMode, Encoding) Method

Opens a zip archive at the specified path and in the specified mode.
Namespace: Z.Compression.Extensions
Assembly: Z.ExtensionMethods.WithNamespace.dll


public static ZipArchive OpenZipFile(this FileInfo this, ZipArchiveMode mode, Encoding entryNameEncoding)


Type:  FileInfo
The path to the archive to open, specified as a relative or absolute path. A relative path is interpreted as relative to the current working directory.
One of the enumeration values that specifies the actions that are allowed on the entries in the opened archive.
Type:  Encoding
The encoding to use when reading or writing entry names in this archive. Specify a value for this parameter only when an encoding is required for interoperability with zip archive tools and libraries that do not support UTF-8 encoding for entry names.

Return Value

Type:  ZipArchive
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