ExtractZipFileToDirectory(FileInfo, string, Encoding) Method

Extracts all the files in the specified zip archive to a directory on the file system and uses the specified character encoding for entry names.
Namespace: Z.Compression.Extensions
Assembly: Z.ExtensionMethods.WithNamespace.dll


public static Void ExtractZipFileToDirectory(this FileInfo this, string destinationDirectoryName, Encoding entryNameEncoding)


Type:  FileInfo
The path to the archive that is to be extracted.
Type:  String
The path to the directory in which to place the extracted files, specified as a relative or absolute path. A relative path is interpreted as relative to the current working directory.
Type:  Encoding
The encoding to use when reading or writing entry names in this archive. Specify a value for this parameter only when an encoding is required for interoperability with zip archive tools and libraries that do not support UTF-8 encoding for entry names.

Return Value

Type:  Void
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