Dapper Plus – Introduction

Library Under Construction (Available at the end of April)

Dapper Plus – PRO License

Every month, a new monthly trial of the PRO Version is available to let you evaluate all its features without limitations.

Learn more about the [PRO Version][pro_version]

Dapper Plus – Setup License

Upon purchase completion, an email will be sent with your license key information.

// using Z.Dapper.Plus; // Don't forget to include this.

string licenseName = //... PRO license name
string licenseKey = //... PRO license key

DapperPlusManager.AddLicense(licenseName, licenseKey);


  • Use the config file to store your license name and license key.
  • Web App: Use Application_Start in global.asax to activate your license.
  • WinForm App: Use the main thread method to activate your license.